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Autumn health care law

(Summary description)

Autumn health care law

(Summary description)


1. Drink lots of boiled water in autumn

In the dry autumn and winter, more than 600 ml of water evaporates through the skin every day, so hydrating is essential. An adult should drink a minimum of 1,500 milliliters of water a day, and 2,000 milliliters in the fall to keep the lungs and airways lubricated. The correct amount of drinking water should be adjusted according to the daily activities of individuals, under normal circumstances, drinking at least 1.5 ~ 2L of water every day. Drink 1-2 cups of water at a time.

2, the fall health care law of sleep schedule

Traditional Chinese medicine, autumn and winter for Yin Ling, Autumn Yin Harvest, Winter Yin possession. So the autumn and winter season health, pay attention to the collection of yin and improve the quality of sleep, then twice the result with half the effort. Suggest 9 -11 pm rest, try to fall asleep at midnight (11 -1 o'clock) . Because when the child is the weakest Yang, the most abundant yin at this time of sleep, the most Yin, sleep quality is also the best, often can achieve twice the effect of health. Normal sleep time is generally about 8 hours a day, frail patients should be appropriate to increase the sleep time.

3. The food conditioning of health and health law in autumn

Autumn diet should also be based on flat, should not eat large tonic. According to their own physical conditions, people can choose suitable flavor of food therapy correction deviation, cold constitution can be appropriate to eat warm and Yang products to warm Yang deficiency, people with dry and hot constitution can take sweet, cool and nourishing products to nourish yin and reduce fire. Sweet and cool nourishing food are bananas, sugar cane, apple, pear, chufa, loquat, mulberry, tomato, cucumber, towel gourd, lotus root, lily, ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, dendrobium, n ginseng and so on. Hot Yang Food has chili, Pepper, ginger, onion, garlic, leek, cinnamon, fennel, durian, longan, Litchi, millet, eel, shrimp, chicken, beef, mutton, venison and so on.

4. The emotion regulation of health care law in autumn

The bleak nature of autumn makes it easy to feel the scene, especially for the elderly, it is more likely to cause depression in their hearts, desolate, the feeling of old age, evoking a melancholy mood. At this time the emotional recuperation should maintain peace and calm, in order to ease the autumn of the murderous atmosphere on the psychological impact.

Spirit adjustment to the characteristics of autumn, to maintain rather than irritable, convergence but not leakage, clear but not muddy, look introverted, so that quiet recuperation, eliminate distractions, to achieve a state of peace of mind. After the autumn equinox coincides with the double ninth season, at this time the autumn high air cool, not closed at home, recommended to go out to play, high overlooking, enjoy the scenery, can make people relaxed and happy, depression all disappear.

What food to eat for Health in autumn

1, Hawthorn: Autumn is the harvest season of Hawthorn. Hawthorn is rich in citric acid, malic acid, ascorbic acid and other active ingredients, which help to break down fat. In addition, hawthorn sour taste, solution, after eating greasy food, drink a cup of Hawthorn tea, greasy feeling will soon disappear.

2、Pears: pears are low in calories, and the fiber in them can prevent the small intestine from absorbing fat and sugar, which is good for weight loss. Suggest friends who want to lose weight can choose to eat pears before meals, which can increase the feeling of satiety, eating can be reduced, to avoid excessive intake of fat. In addition, into the autumn, the weather began to dry, and pear moisture, moisture, very suitable for autumn to eat.

3. Winter melon: Start of autumn heralds the end of summer, but the autumn tiger is fierce and the temperature is always high. And winter melon cold taste sweet, Runfei Shengjin, expectorant thirst, diuretic detumescence, heat-clearing efficacy. In addition to relieving heat, the propanedioic acid in wax gourd can effectively inhibit the conversion of sugar into fat, and wax gourd itself does not contain fat, not high in calories, for the prevention of obesity is of great significance, can also contribute to body building.

What are the taboos of autumn health

1, disease-free random compensation should not: disease-free random compensation, not only increase the use of money, but also damage their own body, the loss is not worth the gain. Such as long-term glucose will cause obesity, increased blood cholesterol, easy to induce cardiovascular disease.

2. It is not feasible to distinguish between deficiency and excess: “Deficiency is made up by deficiency” is the treatment principle of traditional Chinese medicine. If the patients with deficiency syndrome are not treated with tonic, it may harm the body and even endanger life. Although health care is not as strict as treatment, but if you do not distinguish between cold and heat, directly throw medicated diet, it is easy to lead to“Worse.”.

3, more is better than science: the general view is: “Eat more tonic, disease treatment, disease-free health”, but this is not scientific, because any tonic taken too much is harmful. Taking too much vitamin C can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

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